Who Is the Moped (And Rolls Royce) of Business Voip?

Business VoIP phone service is a solid alternative for small business owners who are tired of paying for traditional phone service and want a cheaper option. VoIP provides a nearly identical set of business phone service features (conference calling, 800 number, automated call-routing, etc), but saves money by routing the calls over the internet. With a good internet connection, calls are just as clear as if you were using a traditional phone line and you can often save your business hundreds of dollars per month.

Because there are so many business VoIP providers out there, the process of picking the right one for your business can get confusing. That is why we have tried to explain the options in terms everyone can understand, by comparing 4 of the top VoIP providers to 4 well-known vehicles. When you have finished reading, you should have a much clearer idea of which business VoIP you might want to take out for a spin.

1. Grasshopper VoIP - Moped

If you want something that is cheap, fun, and light for driving around town, then a Moped is right up your alley. You can zoom around in the summer, feel the breeze on your hipster undercut hair, and weave in-and-out of traffic just for the heck of it. Grasshopper VoIP is like a moped, cheap and mobile. So mobile in-fact, that it does not actually use handset phones. Instead, you just get a business phone number that is routed to either your mobile phone or Skype. In other words, it is essentially a call forwarding system, not technically a full-blown VoIP solution.

Grasshopper can be a great option for on-the-go businesses that only use their phone minimally, but still want a business number where people can reach them. It does allow you to set up an auto-attendant to route calls to different numbers, do conference calls, convert voicemail to email, and receive online faxes. But, it does not integrate with any CRM's, do video calls, or record calls. Also, it costs an additional fee per month for each additional phone number you add. For a more in depth review, click here.

2. VoIP - Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla

If you are looking for a solid car to get you from point A to point B, then a Civic or Corolla is perfect. It is affordable, gives you great bang for your buck, and is very reliable. You will not look too sexy on the road, but you will get where you want to go, and get there for less. is the Civic/Corolla of the VoIP industry. It is a full-featured VoIP solution for under $30/user/month. It uses VoIP compatible phones, and allows you to make unlimited US calls, get a free 800 number, send/receive online faxes, make conference calls, set up an auto-attendant, record calls, and more. is a great option for smaller businesses that are looking for a full-featured VoIP for a low monthly cost. It is also good for growing businesses, because it is easy to start out with one line and then add lines with more advanced features. It is a great option for businesses that do a lot of international calling, because you can get international numbers for as little as $5/line/month. Lastly, has 24/7 customer support, which is an added bonus. Although, according to,'s support representatives sometimes struggle to provide a solution for problems that are more technical/complicated. Here is complete review of

3. Nextiva VoIP - BMW Roadster

If you are looking for class, luxury, and performance without spending a quarter of a million dollars, then a BMW Roadster is your jam. You'll be cruising the highway with your windows down, your speakers blaring, and your fat tires hugging the road. Although you might not have quite the luxury recognition as a Rolls Royce or Porsche, people will know you mean business as you tear down Route 66. Nextiva is the BMW Roadster of VoIP. Its features are sexy, its service is white-glove, and it is a cut-above the average VoIP provider.

Although you will pay a little more with Nextiva than you would for other VoIP solutions, you also get more. Nextiva will record and set up your auto-receptionist, allow you to make conference calls, send/receive online faxes, make unlimited US calls, give you an 800 number, allow you to do voicemail transcription, make video calls, and more. Also, Nextiva's support is top-of-the-line, and they are the only VoIP provider we have reviewed that gives you your own technician to walk you through a white-glove setup process.

Nextiva is perfect for businesses that want a high-powered business VoIP with all the bells and whistles. It is still a little cheaper than some of the other high-powered VoIP providers, but gives you everything you could need in a business phone solution. Nextiva was rated the best small business phone system by Fit Small Business.

4. RingCentral VoIP - Rolls Royce Phantom

If you are a high-roller and swag-stealer, then you are going to want one of the best cars that money can buy. If so, then you should check out the Rolls Royce Phantom. It has umbrella's coyly hidden in the doors, lambswool rugs on the floors, and veneer trim made from a single tree to ensure a perfect and matched finish throughout the car.

If this kind of quality and luxury is appealing to you, then RingCentral is the VoIP solution for you. It is the top-dog of the VoIP space, providing all the high-powered features you could ever want, including an 800 number, unlimited US calls, conference calling, sending/receiving of online faxes, auto-receptionist, call scheduling/queueing, video calls, call recording, and more. Additionally, RingCentral integrates with a variety of HelpDesk and CRM software, including Salesforce, something which many VoIP providers do not. Also, another RingCentral distinctive, is its killer mobile app, which basically allows you nearly the level of features on your mobile phone as if in your office. The app will even sense if your wi-fi goes down on your phone, and seamlessly transition to cellular service without a hitch in the call, talk about classy.

If you are a medium-large small business that heavily relies on your phone service to get business done, then RingCentral could be perfect for you. They have all the features you could want, their customer service is great, and they integrate with more third-party business-related software/services than any of their competitors. Full Review.