Who Killed Federalism in Nepal?

The recent development in Nepal have been very interesting to Nepalese community here in America and especially in New York. The Nepalese community in New York has shown a very active interest in Nepalese politics unlike other years.

Federalism is being discussed a lot among Nepalese community here in America. We are not sure how feasible that is but many Nepalese in America think Nepalese politics should be changed in such a way that Nepal becomes a federal republic like America. No doubt, federalism has been great force in America and has been major reason why America has prospered. The regular and fair elections that elected people's representatives every four years and the two party systems that checks and balances each other very strictly has surpassed any system in Europe.

What happens now is a matter of great anticipation and many are looking for just that. Several political scientists have been observing the scenario with great interest and we all are too. Nepal has been going through a very unique situation in many years. This is a situation of absence of leadership, a totally different situation that the country hasn't seen since its unification by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Many people are asking them, where is the leader?

We are yet to see what all of this means in the context of Nepalese politics and future of Nepal. However, all this points out to a future very different from the one we have experienced as Nepalese citizens in the past. The country has outgrown its own system. All the past political systems have failed in front of the citizens that have outgrown its education, politics and economy. The only next political system will work that will not only accommodate the Nepalese population residing in Nepal but the large number of Nepalese outside of Nepal that actually run Nepal through the remittances, influence and leadership.

Federalism like America is definitely a possibility for Nepal but more than that is an ideal leadership. Nepal is currently craving for a leader who is heaven-sent, divine, brave but a lover, ruler but self-controlled, death-like to criminals but caring to his citizens. Nepal has been craving for such a leadership for a long time now. Those looking to lead Nepal in next few years in any area need to begin developing these virtues in them. Especially, a politician with these virtues is essential at this juncture.

The rules of statesmanship have been clearly mentioned in our past history like Mahabharata. Entire story is about good and bad politics, a selfish rule of lust and greed or one of piety and humanity. Our politicians need to go back into our own history than try to imitate the borrowed ideas of Mao or Washington. If we examine our soul, we will find the best lessons in history and politics.

It is yet to see what's in the womb of the future but I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. I hope Nepalese leaders and politicians will examine themselves in the coming days and fix their short-comings. Even God gives another chance to the most sinful of all sinners and those that have destroyed Nepal might get to live a peaceful life in coming days if they begin to correct their mistakes now.