Who Knows Where The Time Goes...?


"I do not count the time For who knows where the time goes?" - Sandy Denny This unfathomable question was posed 40 years ago in those poetic terms in a 1967 song by the late Sandy Denny (then only 20 years-old). The song was performed by Denny with the British folk-rock group Fairport Convention - and memorably covered by Judy Collins.

As we try to grapple with yet another year - I commend an excellent musing on the topic of "time" and how we juggle our relationship to the past, present and future - that appears in today's Independent (UK).

It is written by a youngish philosopher named Julian Baggini - who may be the first person in the history of time to reference Lemmy of Motorhead in the same breath as Kant, Kierkegaard & Heidegger. (Who - if the rules of time and space had permitted - would have made a great law firm. Or opening act at Ozzfest.)

Warning - it's not a 15-second read. It's a 3,500 word pondering that brilliantly addresses a topic on all of our minds today.

"Stop All The Clocks": Julian Baggini on the tyranny of time. Published in The Independent - 1st January 2007.

But if you can't spare a little time to read about Time - then Sandy Denny's question for the ages may remain forever unanswered...

Happy Reading, Happy New Year - and Happy New Relationship to Time...