Who Needs a Payment Machine When There Is a Cellular Phone?

No more actual, physical machines, requiring you to get out of the car -- Codipark offers a service of paying in parking lots and garages without forcing you to leave your air-conditioning.

The transportation field, and parking in particular, draws many entrepreneurs to unveil its potential. It is much easier and more convenient to know in advance whether a parking lot is full, especially in cities with parking shortages such as Tel Aviv.

Codipark is much more than that. It is a comprehensive solution for the whole field.
The company developed a unique platform that is synchronized with all types of payment machines in the world and by doing so can offer its customers services of searching for parking lots, pre-ordering and rate comparison and payment -- all using a cellular phone. There is no need to get out of the car. All you have to do is scan the bar code, wait for approval and exit the parking lot.

The application has yet to be released. The startup has recently conducted a limited pilot that consisted of one parking lot in Tel Aviv and one in Chicago. The number of lots available for this service is scheduled to increase in time.

The application will be available for both Android and iOS users. According to Codipark CEO and founder, Tavor Ilan- "We invested many resources in the development of Codipark, in order to ensure the efficiency of the payment process, while maintaining the highest standards of information security and user privacy."

The advantage of Codipark, says Ilan, is not meant to be enjoyed by the drivers alone- "Parking lot owners will enjoy an increase in profitability and direct contact with potential customers."

Codipark takes pride in its big clientele in the United States. The American parking market is estimated at 30 billion dollars. There are 40 thousand parking lots in the U.S., out of which 10 thousand match Codipark's initial solution (versus only hundreds in Israel), 2,200 of which are already its clients.