Dating Rules: Who Pays The Check On A Date And What Does It Mean? (VIDEO)

Paying The Bill And Avoiding Expectations

As if asking someone out wasn't fraught enough, what happens when the check comes? As gender roles change and the economy suffers, the assumption of the man paying the tab is being called into question. Jill Filipovic, lawyer and blogger at Feministe, was clear about her approach in conversation with HuffPost Live host Alicia Mendenez .

"I think that it can create a really unhealthy power dynamic in a relationship if the man is always paying," she said. "I like to feel that I'm dating somebody or hanging out with them because I like their company and want to be around them."

Filipovic worried that one side always pulling out the credit card "can create a set of expectations, where they're the one choosing everything that you do, and you're also expected to reciprocate in other ways."

Joining Mendenez and Filipovic in the conversation were Peter Post, the director of the Emily Post Institute, "The Bitchy Waiter", who's seen couples physically fight over paying the bill, and Jozen Cummings, NY Post dating reporter.

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