Who Says Rightwing Comics Aren't Funny?

Get ready for the new entertainment web/TV network called RightNetwork - promoted as having "pro-America, pro-business and pro-military sensibilities." A centerpiece of the channel is "Right 2 Laugh," a stand-up comedy series produced and hosted by Evan Sayet. Formerly a Bill Maher writer, Sayet is concerned about comedy being dominated by leftists.

On NPR yesterday, I heard Mr. Sayet say something incredibly funny. He described "Right 2 Laugh" as "a safe haven for people who have values more like the heartland who don't want to hear their president called a Nazi."

I laughed my ass off at the joke. . .until I realized he wasn't joking when he said that conservatives "don't want to hear their president called a Nazi." Listen here.

RightNetwork offers entertainment for folks who get their news from Fox, but Sayet apparently isn't too familiar with Glenn Beck or Fox News. Beck compares the Obama White House to Nazis so regularly that Lewis Black argues that Beck has "Nazi Tourette's." Media Matters lists recent examples of rightwingers playing the Nazi card against Obama and the Democrats.

I expect to be laughing like a hyena at "Right 2 Laugh." Not at the jokes. At the ignorance.