New Survey Says 84 Percent Of Men Think They're The Primary Grocery Shoppers

A few other surveys (and women everywhere) beg to differ.

A new survey by Men’s Health states that 84 percent of men think they’re the primary grocery shoppers in their household, which is up 19 percent from a decade ago. Seventy percent consider themselves primary shoppers for big food trips, and 43 percent do their shopping alone. The survey also showed that 93 percent of men had prepared themselves a meal in the past year.

Here’s the problem: only men were surveyed.

In every other recent survey that looked at both men and women, it was found that women still take on more of the grocery shopping responsibilities. But the gap between men and women is definitely closing.

A report from Today’s Primary Shopper said two-thirds of women still handle most of the shopping. NDP Group (which analyzes industry trends) states that 41 percent of men are the primary grocery shoppers. And some sources bridge the gap even further, finding that women now account for just 51 percent of grocery store shoppers.

But none of those findings add up to the 84 percent figure from the Men’s Health study. There are some reasons that can account for the findings of this survey. Gender roles and relationships are changing, and men are getting married later, so there are more single men who have to buy their own food.

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