'Who Shot Rock and Roll': A Playlist of Picture Perfect Songs

Yesterday, my rocking sons and I got a first look at "Who Shot Rock & Roll" -- a fantastic exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City from June 23rd through October 12 that puts a powerful spotlight on the creative and collaborative role so many photographers have played throughout music history. We loved seeing not just the 166 prints on display in the exhibit, smartly curated by Gail Buckland, but also the excellent short film from Arclight Productions that was done for the Annenberg space. The film features a number of the photographers and musical artists who I've had the pleasure of working with myself, including my longtime Rolling Stone colleague Mark Seliger, Henry Diltz, Alice Cooper and Debbie Harry. I especially loved seeing the lovely Mary McCartney -- who was the excellent staff photographer on the Bravo show I hosted called Musicians -- talking about her late great mom Linda McCartney who was herself once kind enough to take my picture.

As a Rock Critic of a Certain Age myself, I know how just how powerful and meaningful rock photography can be, and the exhibit and the film are both well worth seeing. Truth be told, some pictures are worth a lot more than a thousand words -- especially mine. So in honor of "Who Shot Rock & Roll" opening this weekend in Los Angeles, here is a list of picture perfect songs that celebrate -- one way or another -- the photographic experience. As I often do, I asked by friends and followers on Twitter at @wildaboutmusic for their suggestions. They did so well this time, I didn't need to add any of my own, so I've credited as many as I could here. As always, please add your own revealing and artful suggestions right below. And if you possibly can, do yourself a favor and see this rocking exhibit and film, too.

WHO NEEDS PICTURES -- Brad Paisley @Keliforniaaaa
PICTURE BOOK -- The Kinks @QueenHavest
PHOTOGRAPHER -- The Pretty Things @cometothesun
PHOTOGRAPH -- Ringo Starr @thesurfreport
PHOTOGRAPH -- Def Lepard @MikeZ967
PHOTOGRAPH -- Jamie Cullum @slmb48
PHOTOGRAPH -- DianeBirch @Citizen_Dain
COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE -- Dr. Hook @Rickycormier
KODACHROME -- Paul Simon @maureenburke
PHOTOBOOTH -- Death Cab For Cutie @drewdolkas
FREEZE FRAME -- J. Geils Band @MarkK61
3X5 -- John Mayer @_MissXX
A PICTURE OF ME -- George Jones @trailchef
PICTURES OF YOU -- The Cure @BMoehler
CLICK CLICK CLICK -- New Kids On The Block @Sarah_Anders
IN COLOR -- Jamey Johnson @JoJo219
PICTURE TO BURN -- Taylor Swift @Cantrell_Amanda
TAKE MY PICTURE -- Filter @ppcornmcnugget
WISHING (If I Had A Photograph of You) -- Flock of Seagulls @digmuzak
TIMES OF YOUR LIFE -- Paul Anka @MaryK61
PICTURES OF LILY -- The Who @barefootgirl2
FOUNTAIN OF SORROW -- Jackson Browne @annoyingworld
PICTURE IN A FRAME -- Tom Waits @afrojaz
PICTURE -- Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow @Denise_BPfan/@bethhemphill
PHOTOGRAPH -- Nickelback @KayleeSteffen
IF -- Bread @alwayssomethang
OLD PICTURES -- The Judds @2lazylabs
PAPARAZZI -- Lady Gaga @bpwesterhoff

LISTEN to Death Cab For Cutie: