Who Should Blog? Assembling the Most Important Voices in Environmentalism Today

As Huffington Post's environmental columnist, I work closely with Arianna's Green Team--Willow Bay and Green/Business Editor Dave Burdick. Together, it is our mission to bring you the most pressing global matters affecting our planet's health and sustainability: up-to-the-minute news, exclusive green living features, health, consumer safety warnings and--if we're in the mood--photos of Al Sharpton riding a bicycle.

But that's the easy part! In addition to scouring the ticker for critical environmental news content, we must also assemble the most significant environmental voices for the Huffington Post's Green Blogroll.

So far, Huffington Post Green readers have heard from such noted environmental pundits as Laurie David, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and straight-shooting environmental economist Andrew Winston. Veteran environmentalists Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Simran Sethi, and Carl Pope also blog regularly.

But who else? We want more.

As the search for the movement's voice continues, the Green Team would greatly appreciate your help. We want to know: who do you want to see write for HuffPo Green? And why? Who gets your vote? Who gets your veto? Big names? Little names? We want them all.

Then there's the issue of "diversity". . . should HuffPo Green be a collection of those men and women fighting for renewable energy, conservation, carbon-free fuel and plastic bag bans? Or, shall we feature the full monty--a range of contradictory crusaders--including climate change skeptics, oil-industry lobbyists, even eco-terrorism groups.

Leave your answers in the comments section below. But don't stop there . . .

In addition to telling us who you care to read, tell us what is important to you. Is it rising gas prices, off-shore drilling or concern over suburban sprawl? Do you care to know which candidate is "greener?" Hottest eco-hotels or vegetarian living? Or is it electric cars and clean tech scooters?

Let us know your thoughts.

Together--with your help--we can assemble a leading cast of environmental experts, green living personalities, even global warming naysayers. It could be glorious! Truly, we have the opportunity to create something profoundly important--a depository of ideas and inspiration, a virtual boxing ring (where only egos are bruised), a forum for discussion, a heated debate. So don't delay. Please leave your suggestions below. We look forward to taking your requests seriously.


Olivia Zaleski

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