Who the F*ck Unfollowed Me?!

How A Romantic Soulpreneur Survives Modern Entrepreneurship.

There are good days and challenging days as an entrepreneur. There are minute by minute victories and frustrations. You learn a lot of new information much of which you don’t really want to know, such as how to build a sales funnel (and why you need one) and what the new “IT” social media outlet is. You feel the “yay” I have 30 new followers on Instagram. You also feel the “WTF?” why did 15 people unfollow me overnight? You get up every day, weekends too, and do the work because you have a dream. And, you have a goal. You hear Oprah in your head saying, “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.” I’m determined to be prepared.

You ride the ups and downs not knowing what you don’t know and praying for a big break. If you’re lucky, you believe in miracles and in yourself enough to think they can happen to you.

You will want to quit. In the same way you used to sit at someone else’s desk dreaming of working for yourself, you will dream, for a moment, of going back to a day job with a 401k, insurance, and paid vacation where you can take the day off and not feel like you’re postponing your goals.

Speaking of goals, it will take longer than you think to realize them. Most of the time, business doesn’t skyrocket overnight. And the relationships do matter and you must nurture them carefully over time. Clients come and go quicker than you hoped, or don’t come at all. You’re stretched, leveraged, challenged, exhilarated, intrigued, then stretched again. Hopefully you thrive on that sort of thing.

You will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of experts doling information like cyber vomit. All for the free price of loading your inbox daily with stuff you’ll never read and for a freebie that wasn’t that life changing. You’ll be told you should be doing that too. The freebies and the email series. Once you find your go-to experts, that have a genuine vibe, and not that feeling like you’re in the presence of high tech pick pockets, you will still only be able to consume some small portion of what they’re offering because otherwise you’re consuming and not producing. If you’re lucky a dear friend will remind you that you want to make you rich, not everyone else. And you’ll decide to trust that friend and your own intuition when it diverges from the “gurus”. After all, your intuition is what got you to leave the day job for a dream and a goal.

So how do you stay in the game when the grind is overwhelming?

1. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Revisit the dream.

2. Know your purpose, separate from your goals; when they match you have an alignment that guarantees your success.

3. Celebrate the little things. You have victories every day. Journal them. Acknowledge them. Celebrate that you achieved them.

4. Have a support team that understands the challenges too, and supports you through them and celebrates your wins with you as well.

5. Set smaller goals on your way to the big one. You need to feel like you’re making progress and checking boxes.

6. Turn your squirrels into a wolf pack. If a task doesn’t directly contribute to your big goal, don’t do it.

7. Keep learning but only enough to be producing. And trust your gut to know the difference.

8. Adopt the Scarlet O’Hara philosophy: “Tomorrow is another day.” It will be rich with opportunities and challenges and you will move forward determined to never be hungry again.

9. Unless you quit, you will not fail. Grit and tenacity always prevail.

10.Be more successful in your mind than you are in your reality. It’s not lying, it’s creating.

Don’t worry about the dumb shit that doesn’t matter, like why 10, 100 or 500 people unfollowed you. Keep being you so that your real peeps can find you. If it doesn’t feel like “you”, don’t do it. Stretching past your comfort zone and facing challenges head-on is difficult, but not icky. There’s a difference. Avoid the “icky” shit; it’s not for you. Keep doing what you love. Remind yourself you are doing what you love, which is courageous. Remember why you do it. It’s your soul’s mission. The people you are meant to help will find you because your vibration is calling out to them every single day you do the work. On days where your “why” falls short of dispelling your frustration, remember your “why not”. Why you aren’t going to quit; you don’t ever want to go back to something that’s just “a day job”. Your soul knows it’s purpose and there’s no turning back now. Besides, you’ve faced bigger challenges in life for lesser rewards.

All entrepreneurs are warriors. And warriors keep their eyes on the goal so they can live the dream. It’s what we do.

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