Who Votes Dirty?


Washington doesn't have the bright lights and flashy showgirls of the Vegas Strip, but some lawmakers sure seem to have adopted Vegas' motto. Unfortunately for them, what happens in Washington is no longer going to stay in Washington. Thanks to a newly designed WhoVotesDirty.com website, it's easier than ever for concerned citizens to find out the truth about the voting records of their elected officials -- and the dirty industries that help get them into office.

WhoVotesDirty.com is a new one-stop shop for holding lawmakers accountable when it comes to clean air and clean energy. Americans from across the political spectrum and from every part of the country strongly support strengthening protections for clean air, investing in clean energy and acting on climate change. So why aren't their representatives and senators in Congress consistently voting in favor of these clean policies? Maybe receiving thousands of dollars from dirty-energy interests is clouding their view -- just like their dirty-air votes are polluting our skies. Their votes to increase pollution may be harming the hearts, lungs and brains of Americans, but armed with the facts, our voices will be stronger than ever.

WhoVotesDirty.com puts the facts about dirty votes and dirty money at voters' fingertips. It makes it easy to speak out and hold dirty-air villains accountable. Here's how it works:

  1. Find your elected officials. Search your zip code or a lawmaker's name.

  • Villain or hero? Officials are clearly labeled as villains or heroes. Villains vote dirty at least 80 percent of the time, while heroes vote clean at least 80 percent of the time. Anyone not labeled falls somewhere in the middle.
  • Dirty money. The amount of money received from polluters is clearly displayed. You may notice a trend: those receiving more money from polluters tend to vote dirty more often than those receiving little money from polluters.
  • See the votes. Click on any legislator to see exactly how they voted on every major clean-energy or clean-air bill, resolution and amendment from the last three years.
  • Talk back. A link to each lawmaker's Twitter feed is embedded right into the website. When you find out that your elected representatives are dirty-air villains, you are just 140 characters away from reminding them that they answer to their living, breathing constituents, not the big-polluter industries that bankroll their campaigns.
  • Let's take it for a spin. Say you are from Louisville, Kentucky. Let's get started by putting in your zip code.


    What do you find? Ouch! Two senators who are very villainous when it comes to clean air and clean energy.


    Wow. Sen. Mitch McConnell received $3.8 million from polluters, and newly announced 2016 presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul received $235,890.

    At least your House member, Rep. John Yarmuth, is a clean-air hero!


    Let's take a closer look by clicking on Mitch McConnell to see his environmental voting record. It's not pretty: 11 dirty votes in the last three years, and a 100-percent record of voting against clean air and clean energy. No wonder the NRDC Action Fund is holding him accountable on the airways with our new ad bringing to light his dirty first 100 days as Senate Majority Leader, pushing the big-polluter agenda.


    It's time to take action. Let's send him a tweet right now.


    You just helped unmask lawmakers who have already been voting as dirty-air villains, showing them that their anti-health, anti-environment priorities are not going unnoticed. But to make your voice heard when it really matters -- before the votes are cast -- click on the "Take Action" and "Join Us" tabs at the top of WhoVotesDirty.com to stay informed of pending votes and opportunities to speak up in real time.

    Sorry, dirty-air villains, but WhoVotesDirty.com is taking what happens in Washington to every living room, office and mobile phone in your district.