Who Wants an Abortion?

Although he later backtracked (or tried to), Donald Trump's statement that only women should be punished for having an abortion may finally have jolted the American people into a perception that we could have a possible wacko president in the offing. Wisconsin, where Trump was decisively defeated by Ted Cruz may have pointed the way out of this (but we can't count on it.)

Whoever would make such an absurd and unfeeling statement about women might well have something wrong with himself. For in truth, who really wants an abortion? No one. It could be a rape victim. More characteristically, it would be the result of an act that one or both of the parties didn't want at the time to turn into a permanent relationship, with the creation of a household. To punish the female side of the union who more often than not doesn't want the result, is an evil absurdity.

There is a lack of evidence as to whether Donald Trump does some research before he opens his mouth with answers to question put to him. If he doesn't do this, it could be a potentially dangerous reflex, however hard he might make an attempt to change his ways.

Hopefully, Hillary Clinton, the only remaining candidate who is both a) knowledgeable and b) electable, will emerge victorious from the general election, although given his statements on abortion and other subjects, Trump may commit political hara-kiri before that time.