'Who We Become' Documentary Examines The Transgender Journey Beyond The Transition Process

You're Transgender, You're Transitioning...So Now What?

A new documentary aims to examine the challenges many transgender people face aside from the transitioning process after coming to terms with their identity.

Produced in partnership with the Bronx Documentary Center, "Who we become" focuses on Jace, a transgender man who flees his native Texas for New York where he begins the gender confirmation process. Meanwhile, Kim and Cris run a Bronx-based clinic that deals with transgender care, and try tirelessly to create a makeshift family of transgender people who have been disowned by their family members and friends.

Jan Hendrik Hinzel, a New York-based journalist who is co-producing the film with Time magazine's Adam Perez, told HuffPost Gay Voices that "Who we become" is a unique take on transgender issues in that it does not emphasize the gender confirmation process.

"Without the help from a community, transitioning can be an isolating experience," Hinzel said. "We wanted to show that community for many trans people means family, and family is essential to survival. We hope to illustrate through our characters that sometimes even to live truthfully to yourself is an act of courage."

Hinzel and Perez are hoping to raise money raise money for editing and post-production expenses via Indiegogo. Check out the campaign here.

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