Who Will Be The Next 'Live with Kelly and Michael' Host as Strahan Leaves The Show?

Yesterday news broke that Michael Strahan will be leaving Live with Kelly and Michael and joining Good Morning America full time. Michael addressed it today on Live, thanking his fans and telling them he'll still be around on the same network. Noticeably absent from today's show was Kelly Ripa, his co-host, who was "out today" and according to sources was blindsided that Strahan is leaving. Apparently she and producer Michael Gelman only learned about his new gig yesterday and are upset with his decision and Disney.

The television personality and former NFL star will start his full time duties at GMA in September. Until then we assume he'll still be on Kelly and Michael for a few shows but the Live producers will have to start bringing in possible co-hosts to audition. For now we'll assume Kelly will return to the show after the drama, but this should make for interesting morning tv in the meantime.

The original male host of the show, Regis Philbin recently stopped by the Rachael Ray Show to give his tips on being a great co-host. Below is the list and Sage predictions on who we think encompasses all, or some, of these qualities and could be the next host of the Emmy-winning talk show.

Regis' Tips For Being a Great Co-Host:
  1. Be a good listener
  2. Make eye contact with your guests
  3. Always be in a good mood
  4. Have a friendly personality
  5. Make guests feel good by telling them if you like something they're talking about
  6. Be positive
  7. Try to bring out the best in a guest
  8. Research the guest's interests before the interview
  9. At the end of the interview, plug with whatever your guests are doing next
  10. Wish your guests well

Predictions For the Next Live Host
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