Who Will Best Lead America?

Republican candidate Donald Trump criticizes Bernie Sanders to be a maniac, socialist and a communist. But a political opponent who says such things should really get their tuition refunded. Not only because it's wrong, but because, to elect a person to lead America - that later must collaborate with other countries for a better world, with such statements and desperation, should really set the alarm bells on for the American voters. America deserves intellectual leaders who can articulate themselves - not politicians who can swear highest and nastiest, and Trump clearly bullies fellow political partners on both sides, but also the American people through his furious campaign.

First of all, Bernie Sanders is not socialist, he is not communist - he is a humanist. It's about thinking about the guy next door; it's about that old lady across the street that has contributed to the American society her whole life. It's to the American soldier who has protected world peace with his own life at stake. It's about that all Americans are equal and should have a fair chance in life. These people, mentioned above, can't in today's America, make a proper living out of their income. Therefore needs America a change.

Just so you understand where I am coming from. I am not a socialist - I love innovation and people that start, or own, businesses that grow. My political stance is more to right than left. I know we must create healthy businesses to have a healthy working marked in America or elsewhere in the world. I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone will achieve success and wealth - but the difference between some extreme republicans and Bernie Sanders is that he doesn't want people to be wealthier on other's misery. Because that's what's going on in America right now, prosperous Americans getting even richer on the middle-class's behalf. While the American economy is very strong in America now, people, and especially the poor and the middle class -- or should I say what's left of the middle class -- don't have much wealth left.

When Barack Obama preaches that the USA is in better economic wealth in a long time, he actually may be right, but only on paper. The fresh notified America he talks about - with more jobs and a healthier business economy is not for the common citizen. Because only some few get pleasures from the increased prosperity, and they are already the wealthiest in America. The middle-class income has steadily deteriorated while the business owners conditions have been improved. Is that the kind America that people really want - two percent billionaires and 98 percent poor citizens? What recognizes a communist country is that they have some very few rich leaders and many, many poor people. Not unlike today's America. I think it's important to reflect a bit what kind of America we all want for the future. Will you have an extreme angry old billionaire to rule the country, or a humanist who wants equal rights for the common people? The choice is yours.

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