Who Will Fill Scalia's Seat?

Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death means there's an open seat on the highest court in the United States. Obama says he'll nominate a new judge for the seat; however, with it being an election year Republicans argue the next President should decide who to nominate. Without Scalia, the court is fairly divided between left and right-leaning justices. With a Republican-led Senate, they can block anyone Obama nominates if they want to. Which leads us to the question, who will fill the seat? Will Obama get the chance to place another Justice, or will it be left to the next President? Whoever gets the seat will swing decisions in a huge way since some major issues are on the Supreme Courts plate this year: abortion, climate change, immigration, affirmative action.. just to name a few.

Whatever the case, we gathered predictions of who we think the next judge could be. Vote on your picks and make your own predictions on Sage.