Who Will God Curse?

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There are reports that one of the richest television evangelists, Ken Copeland, and his wife have declared that anyone who is opposed to the current president will be cursed by God. Mr. Copeland seems to support Franklin Graham in this opinion. There was a woman television evangelist on The 700 Club who also believes that our current president is a God-anointed leader and anyone who opposes him will find God punishing them and their children. They believe that if there is a God he has endorsed the current president and to oppose the current president is to encounter God’s wrath.

I have been a Presbyterian minister for almost 50 years. I have read and studied the Bible faithfully. In fact, I have read it completely once a year for those fifty years. I have not only read the Bible but l have read most of the great theologians: Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, to name only a few. So I suspect that my conclusions concerning the possibility of God and his will are as reliable as theirs.

If there is a God it is my conclusion that all of the people in the U.S. are going to be cursed by this president. We are all going to be cursed with polluted water and air. We are going to be cursed with horrible snow storms, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes as a result of climate change. We are going to be cursed with exploited national parks, constant earthquakes from fracking, and extinction of a vast number of animals. Our population will be cursed by the destruction of public education. There will be a major increase in crime as the desperation of those whose safety net has been removed grows. The for-profit prisons will be full; our personal privacy will disappear, and the gap between the rich and poor will grow even more severe. More senior citizens will die at home from starvation. Women will be abused and exploited by corporations. There will be a major increase in the number of coat hanger abortions as the right to abortions is ended. The country will be cursed as Social Security and Medicare will be changed and reduced. The country will find that our ideals of democracy, one person-one vote, will be curtailed and eliminated. This is to say nothing about foreign affairs and multiple wars that may be caused.

If there is a God as described in the Bible the thrust of demands is for justice, mercy and righteousness. The poor, the immigrant, the widow, the children, the hungry, the ones in prison are to be the focus of believers’ compassion and help. Those who look out only for themselves and the pocketbook are the ones who get left out. If there is a God as described in the Bible the curse is going to be on all of us because we have not only elected this president but we have elected people who think like he does in almost every state and in Congress.