Who Will Win The Super Bowl? Let Our Seahawks-Broncos Epic Eating Contest Decide (VIDEO)

SUPER BOWELS: Our Eating Contest Makes Bold Championship Prediction

The only man-versus-man test older and more American than the Super Bowl is competitive eating.

So when HuffPost Weird News was handed the task of predicting the winner of the Seahawks-Broncos NFL Championship this Sunday, there was no other choice but to team up with Major League Eating for a bowel-shaking Battle of the Bulge.

Our gustatory contestants -- Sebastian "The Four Courseman" Murdock, a University of Colorado grad, and Olympia's favorite son, Andy "Feast Mode" Campbell -- ran the gut-punching gauntlet of gastronomy to decide who will win the Super Bowl.

The competition took us to NYC's Seahawks stronghold The Central Bar. The gridiron for this game: heaping plates of cheese quesadillas, nachos, and mozzarella sticks, with a beer in between each serving.

Major League Eating's Richard Shea and world-champion eater Crazy Legs Conti -- the first man ever to eat 400 oysters in one sitting -- oversaw a feast that ended with more on the floor than just blood, sweat and tears.

But who took home the Lombardi Trophy of bar food and the opportunity to leave the office early for a nap? Who fumbled their innards? Watch the video above to find out, and check out the photos below.

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Super Bowl Eating Contest

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