'Who Will You Be?' Campaign Celebrates The Raw Strength Of Women's Bodies

“Who will you be at this unholy hour? When no one is watching and the smallest decisions mean the most. Who will you be then?”

So begins a new series of ads from Dick's Sporting Goods as part of their campaign "Who Will You Be?" The 60-second spot features ordinary women pushing through the hardest parts of working out, whether it's that last rep or the early morning wake-up.

Launched in March 2015, the larger "Who Will You Be?" campaign explores the decisions athletes make on a daily basis when it comes to being successful both on and off the field. This type of everyday decision-making is familiar to anyone trying to stay active, particularly women.

Eight 15-second vignettes of individual women are included in longer spot above, all highlighting the challenges and rewards of balancing life and fitness.

"This campaign recognizes the fact that women juggle a lot every day, so making the choice to work out is a challenging choice for people," a rep for Dick's Sporting Goods told The Huffington Post. "This campaign celebrates those decisions, and celebrates people for making them."



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