Who Won at the E3 2013 Press Conference?

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Answer by Tim Chin, Raised on games

Winner: Sony and the PS4

Loser: Microsoft and the Xbox One

The game community is still reeling from the recent Sony press conference, and people are already proclaiming the Xbox One DOA. I've never seen such a lopsided and clear victor of E3.

Of course there are plenty of other devs and companies attending and showing off at E3, but these two stand above (or perhaps below) the rest. Being the main opponents for the next console war, they were going to be the stars of the show no matter what. Both sides had some really great game reveals that fans of either are to be excited about. However, leading up to the conference, Microsoft announced a slew of bad news that left their fans with quite a sour taste in their mouth. This news, along with some of the things they talked about today included:

  • Necessary to check in online every 24 hours
  • Extremely limited control over used game/secondhand sales or trading
  • $499 price tag

What? That's all? No, that's not all. But those are huge for the gaming community. Plenty of us can barely afford to feed our increasingly expensive hobby, and many still have a poor or unreliable internet connection. For Xbox fans, the above news was a slap in the face. I believe they were trying to get the bad news out of the way early in order to get people to be excited once their E3 conference came around when they introduced all the games.

And sure, that was fine for a while ... until the Sony press conference. Sony responded, and they responded big time. In their press conference, they announced:

  • No restrictions on used games
  • No persistent online connection required
  • $399 price tag
  • PS+ subscriptions and all games attached carry over to the PS4

It seemed as though Sony watched Microsoft implode on the days leading up E3, dissected and examined their weak points, then viciously attacked them with no mercy. Sony stole the show, no doubt. I'm sure many previous Xbox fans are now converted, but we'll really see as the console race gets going.

Note: I think it's very important to explain the second point on the Xbox list. The Xbox One is going to restrict the way that players play and "own" games. New games bought are going to be restricted and tied to players' accounts regardless of if it's a disk or digital format. These games cannot be given to friends or relatives to borrow because they will not work. You need access to the internet at least every 24 hours to verify, and every game you buy is forever tied to your account and Microsoft's servers. Selling your games secondhand may be supported by some companies that offer it. And no doubt you'll lose much of your original cost in the process. This is why the community was so upset about this.

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