Who Won the Final Debate? Drudge Votes Early...

The results of Drudge's Mid-Debate Post-Debate Winner's Poll have John McCain as the overwhelming winner of the still-running face off. As of 10:22 EST, the Republican wins handily, 75 percent to 23 percent!
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In the words of Amy Poehler's Katie Couric, "again, and not to belabor the point," but in regard to the Drudge Report's erratic -- even by neoconservative standards -- coverage of the final campaign push, exactly what, may I ask, is the purpose of conducting a poll on "Who won the final presidential debate before that final presidential debate is ended?

I knew early voting would be factor this year -- I guess I just didn't realize it would come to this.

The results, however, are not surprising. According to Drudge's Mid-Debate Post-Debate Winner's Poll, John McCain is the overwhelming winner of tonight's still-running presidential debate. As of 10:22 EST, the Republican wins handily, 75 percent to 23 percent.

McCain wins the debate before the debate is over? Wow, that is mavericky.


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