Who would you be without your story?

The big search. What are you looking for...

We as humans can find ourselves going on a search. For a very long time I was looking for ‘something’. Of course I didn’t know quite what it was. I looked into many different areas, seeking in Science, in Psychology, in the Personal Development plethora of resources. I even typed into google ‘how to be happy’ at times when I felt all was lost. I did not find the answer anywhere. Then I saw a truth very deeply. It’s a knowing.

What we seek is within. Every one of us has the capacity to touch that within us. Some lose hope. It is there. Some seek recognition through achievement. It is there without any judgement. Some want to reach a financial status. It cares not for finance. Some live in fear. It is there. Some yearn for more and more. It is there. The sun is always present, no matter what the weather does. It is there. Always.

Nowhere to be. Nowhere to get to.

In the darkest places there is always light. In the silence there is you.

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