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We all know that daydreaming about having six-pack abs and toned legs isn’t how you get a six-pack and toned legs. (But how amazing would it be if it was?) The problem is that going to the gym is expensive and time-consuming for most of us, and it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re doing the same routine at home day after day.

If you want to inject some excitement into your home workouts and perhaps save some time while you’re at it, hop on this Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine. It’s a small platform that vibrates muscles across your body to help you burn more calories while you’re lunging, squatting, planking and more. It may sound bizarre, but there is some science to it.

The vibrations work by stimulating cellular movement, which in turn helps you burn fat, improve your flexibility and strength, and strengthen your core in the process. In fact, hospitals have used vibration therapy for intensive care patients as a way to promote early rehabilitation.

Perhaps the best part of this whole-body vibration machine is that it enhances your workouts so you can feel good about a 10-minute fitness session if that’s all you have time for. Everyone loves a time-saver, right? Plus, the vibrating platform comes with five bands for various levels of resistance so you can work out your arms.

The Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine is usually $449, but you can grab one on sale for just $200 right now.

Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine - $200

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