Whole Foods In Williamsburg Opening On Bedford Avenue

Fresh off the heels of winning a crucial vote allowing Whole Foods to proceed with long-stalled plans to open a location in Gowanus, the grocery store is set to move forward with opening another location in Williamsburg.

According to The New York Post, the new site will be at 242 Bedford Avenue and N. 4th Street, sharing space with a New York Sports Club beneath luxury apartments. Details include:

Other sources say the Whole Foods will have a 9,000-square-foot entrance on the ground floor with the remaining 30,000 square feet underground. Retail asking rents are $150 a square foot on the ground, with much less for the upstairs and downstairs portions.

Back in August, Whole Foods was rumored to be eyeing the Williamsburg Waterfront, specifically to take over the Monster Island arts centre that shuttered its doors due to rising property costs.

The Williamsburg store will be the second Brooklyn location for the retail giant, barring construction for the Gowanus site runs smoothly. Community members were up in arms over the location, with many proposing the city utilize the 78,000 square-foot site for alternative use such as a vocational center to "support services for entrepreneurs in the culinary and creative industries.”

See below for the current 242 Bedford Avenue space: