Meeting Your Spouse At Whole Foods Has Never Been So Romantic

If you've always dreamt of meeting your future spouse in your favorite aisle of the grocery store instead of by swiping right on Tinder, this short film is for you.

"Letters to Manhattan (A Whole Foods Love Story)" was created by Jonah Feingold, a writer and director of several rom-com short films. He says after college, he spent a lot of time thinking about how great it would be to meet a girl at Whole Foods and fall in love.

"I had just graduated college, and was going through this quarter life crisis of sorts, second guessing if I should be doing what I was doing, fearful of the future -- you know, all that stuff -- and taking a trip to Whole Foods every Sunday was just a constant," he told The Huffington Post. "I've always had this semi-joking romanticized story in my head where I lock eyes with the girl in the Tate's Cookies aisle and we both just know it's meant to be."

Don't be deceived, though: the woman in the video isn't Feingold's real-life partner. She's his "Whole Foods Wife," and she's an actress named Sadie Friedman.

"I know her from New York, and whether it actually comes off or not, it was important to have someone with a strong East Coast aesthetic," Feingold explained. "I am hopeful, though, that there are people out there who have met their girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands at a Whole Foods!"

Who's ready for a trip to the grocery?

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