Whole Wide World Wants Obama

Putting yesterday's Pennsylvania primary in perspective: Obama is the one who "closed" his deal by narrowing the big margin Hillary had going into the state.
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Putting yesterday's Pennsylvania primary in the correct perspective: Obama is the one who "closed" his deal by narrowing the big margin Hillary had going into the state. Hillary blew half her point lead. She lost even if she won. Even Republican caricature Bill Bennett applauded Hillary on her campaign -- which she ran like a Republican, he said on CNN. The Democratic commentators let that one go by without comment. What was up with them? Isn't this the ultimate insult, or is it a badge of honor for Leibercrat (thank you, Bob Cesca) Clinton?

Bennett gave Hillary high marks on her fear-provoking, mean-spirited campaign of making non-issues important and lies sound like truth for those who don't "get" that she's using the famous Republican inspired M.O. to throw a net over her citizen prey. This worked for George Bush, and we all know how it's been to live with the tragic results of that. Bennett's comment should be a veil of shame for Mrs. Clinton, though she wears it like a blushing bride. Maybe she'll go out and shoot a duck to celebrate, or down some shots with her good ole Northern boys. After that, they could head out to a Whiffenpoof sing-a-long.

The world is watching this election with great interest. I live in Paris, which is an extremely diverse culture as well as a crossroads for Europe and other continents. Everyone I talk to -- without exception -- says they are excited about Obama being elected president of the United States. That he would make a huge difference in how the world sees us and in our reputation. No one mentions Hillary. Most people don't even understand how she has as much support as she does, given that the bulk of her governmental experience is having been a First Lady--in Arkansas and then The White House -- for a total of 20 years. People from our Turkish tailor to an English actress friend bring the subject up, and are baffled.

Before you start saying that you don't care what anyone from any other country thinks, remember that this is exactly the attitude of George W. and VP Dick. This is the attitude of insular Americans who have shut down their hearts, their optimism, their experience, and their brains and let our country go down the tubes. They harm our country far more than they could ever help. This nationalist attitude has a bit of a fascist feel.

Check out The World Wants Obama Coalition. People from around the globe have submitted videos to say how they feel. For example,

Khaya from South Africa gives a very careful view of America's strengths and weakness, concluding that if it elects Barack Obama it will send the message to the world "that America has its mojo back:"

Beth Arnold lives and writes in Paris. You can see more of her work at www.betharnold.com.

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