Who'll Come First, Internet Jesus or Cyber Adolf?

Conditions are rife for a global revolution, with channels to drive one ever strengthening. All that's missing is a charismatic leader to pull the strings. History imparts that person will arrive. Pray for goodness because it could be evil.

While pundits endlessly pontificate on hegemony and geopolitics -- i.e. American leadership, so-called; Chinese and Russian influence spheres, aggressed; European relevance, little; or the ISIS threat, "I'ma get medieval on your ass" -- I see a potential for unraveling. Emerging a new world order that is borderless, generational and built around social media thought leaders.

Consider the enduring power of the Sermon on the Mount. Picture Jesus Christ delivering these teachings, live, to the 1.3 billion active Facebook users -- with simultaneous Tweets, Instagrams, Whatsapping and Vines. Powerful ubiquity!

Want a shudder? Same foregoing actions only it's Adolf Hitler presenting his morally bankrupt Mein Kampf, to a rabid and lost mob. Terrifying!

People under the age of thirty, the world go round, have grown-up interconnected. They buy the same consumer brands, share the same entertainment and aspire to similar lifestyles. Commonality, with a capital 'C."

Reflect on that interconnectivity and commonality, along with the daily headlines bombarding them. I'll help. Download the sheet music for the great Billy Joel's, 1989 hit, We Didn't Start the Fire and try these out for the first two verses:

Vlady Putin, Pakistan, Kim Jong-un, Nuke Iran,

Air Pollution, Climate Change, Artic has no snow,

Eddie Snowden, U.S. spies, Wikileaker, Privacy dies,

Deadly Hamas, Assyria, Israeli State foe.

Ayatollah, Caliphate, Pervert man, India rape,

Ukraine, The bullets fly, an airplane falls from the sky,

9/11, Drone strike, Mass murder gets a like,

Nigeria, Somalia, B-Obama paralyzed!


Censorship, Repression, Bribes and Aggression,

Encroachment, Piracy, Chinese Policy,

Jihad, Intifada, Sacrilegious, Retard,

Suicide fodder, Solution fallacy.

Wall Street, Tax fiend, Financiers have a scheme,

Entitlement, Hard work, No middle ground, You jerk,

Strongman, Potentate, Dictator, Abdicate,

Drug cartel, Corruption, Trouble in the Latin State!

Seems to be plenty to appeal toward "the better nature of our angels" for solution or, conversely, fuel the "seven deadly sins" to violent revolution. Unfortunately, it's our supposed global leaders "starting these fires."

Remember the social protests of the 1960's? Imagine today's under thirty crowd called and coordinated to a common cause, via social media, marching on every global capital in unison. That's Tahrir Square 2011 on steroids!

I highly doubt our global leaders - national or religious, purported - have seriously thought this scenario through. Otherwise, I'd like to believe they'd be behaving better. I can see how, along with a good bit of why, to rattle their collective pillars - leaving me certain others far brighter than I do, as well. Sadly, entrenched bureaucrats are often last around the bend, typically with a foot on their backside.

Mood and mechanisms for global change appear to be in place. The question is if and when that mesmerizing messiah, or madman, rises to lead it? For those currently wielding power, this is meant to be a wake-up call. I'm hoping for a more benevolent world, as opposed to complete anarchy.

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