Whoopi Goldberg And Other Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking

More than 45 million people in the United States smoke -- and while we all know by now that lighting up can increase your risk of coronary heart problems, stroke and lung, mouth and throat cancers, the truth is that quitting is hard.

According to the CDC, 68.8 percent of current smokers are trying to stop -- and that statistic includes a few more well known faces. We've been inspired lately by The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who's been sharing her attempt to quit both on the show and on social media. "I'm STILL smoke free!!" she Tweeted on Sunday. In fact, the star has developed a community of support on Twitter to help with smoking cessation. Here, a few more of her recent tweets:

Finding support and encouragement from family and friends is a key step in squelching the habit for good, according to the American Cancer Society. To celebrate Goldberg's effort, we rounded up a few more famous faces who have kicked some real butt. (One note: after saying they've stopped, many stars -- like many of us -- will make a mistake and light up. Just remember that quitting isn't a linear path -- it's a process.)

Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking