Whoopi Goldberg To Alec Baldwin: 'Put The Phone Down!' (VIDEO)

Whoopi and the other co-hosts of "The View" have one piece of advice for Alec Baldwin: put the phone away.

Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight on Tuesday for keeping his phone out to play the game "Words With Friends." The actor dissed the airline on Twitter, and later gave his account of the events. But the huge response to his tweets prompted him to shut down his Twitter account.

On Thursday, Whoopi came down hard on Baldwin for not following directions at the airport -- which she called one of her biggest pet peeves. "If they say be there an hour early because you're gonna have to go through security, go early!" she said. "Don't stand there bitching at the TSA people, saying 'I don't see why I have to take my bra off!'"

She was not having any of it when Sherri Shepherd recalled once staying on the phone at the airport to recite "Goodnight Moon" to her son. "It makes our experience longer because we got to sit there and listen to you going 'Just hold on one second,'" Whoopi said. "It's like 'No b-tch, put the phone down!'"