Whoopi Goldberg: Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill Is 'Crap'

All the co-hosts of "The View" came down against Arizona's notorious SB 1062 on Wednesday, but Whoopi Goldberg's comments stole the show.

The bill, which Governor Jan Brewer has yet to decide on, would allow business owners to deny service to gay people based on religious beliefs. "Bringing this kind of crap back doesn't do anybody any good," Goldberg said, referring to businesses refusing to serve racial minorities in the past.

The other co-hosts chimed in with other reasons they objected to the proposed legislation. That's when Goldberg, to the audience's applause, suggested that gay people should not have to pay Arizona taxes if they are refused service and told the bill's proponents to "check" themselves:

How about all of y'all who decide every time you point somebody out and say, 'I'm not going to serve you, they don't have to pay taxes in your state, how about that? Because to me, I sort of feel like if you live in the state, there's nobody [who's] supposed to be — unless you are aggressively hurting someone in my restaurant or in my place — you're not supposed to be saying stuff like that. So I don't want to have to pay any taxes if you decide when I go down the street, I can't come in and sit. I want you to have your religious beliefs and your freedoms. However, if you are going to indulge in commerce in the state, you have to check yourself.