Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain And Joy Behar's Fight On ‘The View’

Another heated exchange between Behar and McCain was about to go off the rails when Goldberg stepped in and said, “We’re not going to do this.”

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t having it.

Just when Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were about to embark on yet another off-the-rails argument Monday on “The View,” Goldberg stepped in and put an end to her co-hosts’ spat before it turned into something ugly.

“OK, so here’s the deal,” Goldberg said when things started to get out of control between the two women. “Here’s what’s not going to happen today. We’re not going to do this. Everybody’s going to get a conversation piece, everybody gets to say their piece, and we don’t need to comment if we don’t like what we’re hearing. Just let folks talk.”

The fight between the frequently sparring partners erupted during a discussion about Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation Sunday. McCain spoke at length about how immigration could be a winning issue for President Donald Trump in 2020 if, “we sit here and act like there isn’t a crisis” at the border. The conservative, who is from Arizona, said that border security is the “number one and only issue” for many of her friends and stressed that it isn’t just an issue for “crazy people living in border states that think that there’s a crisis.”

In response, Behar noted that Nielsen’s interim replacement, Kevin McAleenan, now head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, would remedy the issue by sending aid to Central American countries.

“That’s the way to solve the problem — keep them there, happy,” Behar said. “Give them a house, give them food, help them, help their children.”

“Give a Nicaraguan a house? We’ve had a bunch of liberal guests who don’t want to send in aid at all,” McCain said while Behar was still speaking.

“I’ve listened to you. Let me finish,” Behar shot back.

“It’s part of your job to listen to me,” McCain huffed.

In response, Behar shot McCain a hostile stare that can only be described as utter disbelief and searing rage.

The audience seemed to sense the two were about to throw down when Goldberg interjected, saving the debate from devolving into chaos.

Once Goldberg, who recently returned to air after a near-death experience with pneumonia, was finished defusing the situation, she asked Behar to finish what she was saying before McCain interrupted her.

“I forgot what it was now,” said a still visibly shocked Behar.

Tensions between Behar and McCain have been brewing for quite a while. A few days ago, when former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck visited the daytime talk show, Behar jokingly noted she and Hasselbeck “used to fight on the air all the time.”

McCain took the opportunity to sarcastically reference her current relationship with Behar.

“What’s that like?” she said.

But Behar calmly clapped back.

“It’s a little different,” Behar responded to the dig. “But truthfully, we never fought backstage. See, that’s the difference.”