Whoopi Goldberg, CNN's Don Lemon Support Journalists Saying Full N-Word On Air (VIDEO)

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg, Don Lemon Support Saying Full N-Word

"View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg and CNN anchor Don Lemon argued for journalists to say the full n-word on air while reporting stories.

On Saturday, Lemon said that journalists should use the full word while reporting, rather than using the term "n-word."

Lemon said, "I hate saying 'the n-word.' I think it takes the value out of what that word really means. Especially when we're reporting it. And I don't care what color the reporter is. I think someone should say, that person called someone 'nigger,' instead of saying 'the n-word,' because I think it sanitizes it." Lemon added that he hates the use of the word in music and when it's used for misogynistic purposes. "What I'm saying is in the reporting of a story, you should say the word," he said.

Goldberg echoed Lemon's sentiments on Tuesday's "View." Goldberg said that using the term "n-word" makes the word sound "cute." Goldberg also said that she feels very strongly about the word. "Do not eliminate it," she said. "It's part of our history." Co-host Barbara Walters, who has clashed with her "View" colleagues over the word in the past, agreed with Goldberg's response. "If I were quoting somebody else, and it's intrinsic to what the person was saying, then you have to be able to say it," Walters said. "That's what reporters are supposed to do," Goldberg said.

The discussion arose on "The View" after CNN made headlines this week when correspondent Susan Candiotti quoted the word during a report on three African Amreican men who were shot to death in Tulsa, Okla. Candiotti quoted a post from the shooting suspect's Facebook page, which included the words "f---ing [n-word]." Candiotti paused before reading those words and asked viewers to please excuse the language. Producers did not bleep her out. CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield apologized to viewers for the offensive language and Candiotti later released her own apology, stating that she "regretted" using the words.

Earlier this month, CNN reporter Drew Griffin quoted the n-word while reporting on a hate crime case in Mississippi. His quote also went unbleeped. Lemon used the word in its entirety without getting bleeped during his discussion of the term over the weekend.

Watch Goldberg's response in the clip above. Watch Lemon's discussion via Newsbusters in the video below.

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