Whoopi Goldberg Tells Donald Trump What We Wish We Could

Whoopi Goldberg said Monday that Donald Trump's recent comments, specifically those about Americans with Ebola, were "dopey," "idiotic" and "stupid."

Two Americans, a doctor and another health care worker, were infected with the virus while treating patients in West Africa, and and were quickly returned to the United States for treatment, under close watch of the Center for Disease Control. This did not sit well with Trump, who tweeted:

Goldberg was dismayed by the comments on Monday's "The View." She noted that Trump is a friend of hers, but explained that the Americans are under the strict care of the CDC, and that Ebola virus can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. Dr. Kent Brantly, the first of the infected Americans to arrive in the U.S. for treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, appears to be showing signs of improvement, reports Reuters.

“Do your homework, Donald," said Goldberg. "Just do your homework ... Before you say something that dumb -- you know better than that. Come on.”

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