Whoopi Goldberg Farts On 'The View': Host Admitted It With Dr. Oz

Whoopi Goldberg Admitted To Fart On TV

It happened on syndicated television, but it's now the (maybe) fart heard around the world: Whoopi Goldberg's curious squeak on Friday's episode of "The View."

The eruption came while the hosts were interviewing "Homeland" star Claire Danes, and Goldberg immediately said, "Excuse me, I just let a frog out of there." ABC execs told HuffPost TV, however, that, "It was a joke. Every time there is a fun noise she pretends it was her."

Whether or not she let it out on Friday, the EGOT winner has admitted to doing so before, and on that very same "View" stage to boot. In May, she told Dr. Oz, who was a guest on the show, that there "is more room out than in," and then ripped another.


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