Whoopi Goldberg On Ann Coulter: 'I Didn't Know We Were Anybody's Blacks!' (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg addressed Ann Coulter's latest controversial remarks while the ladies of "The View" discussed the sexual harassment allegations reportedly filed against Herman Cain in the 1990s.

Coulter caused an uproar on Monday when, speaking about conservatives, she said "our blacks are so much better than their blacks." Coulter doubled-down on her comments during her Tuesday appearance on Joy Behar's HLN show.

During "View's" Hot Topics segment, Barbara Walters noted that Cain's campaign had accused Rick Perry of leaking the story about his alleged sexual harassment to the press. This led Goldberg to talk about what she thought was a shift in critics' response to the story. She said that when the allegations were first reported, "everybody thought…the liberal media" was basically going after Cain.

Goldberg said that this "put people like Rush [Limbaugh] out saying this is a 'lynching,' and Ann Coulter talking about her blacks being better than our blacks.'"

Goldberg started laughing as she recalled Coulter's recent comment and said, "I didn't know we were anybody's blacks!"

The audience erupted with laughter as Goldberg added, "I mean, my god! I thought I was free but dammit — I found out again, — somebody's got my behind!"

"It sounds like a slave auction!" Joy Behar said above applause from the audience. "I know!" Goldberg laughed.