Whoopi Goldberg Gives Credit To Patrick Swayze For Her Oscar Win (VIDEO)

Only a handful of actors are part of the coveted EGOT winner's circle -- that's an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award -- and Whoopi Goldberg is one of them. The Oscar, she says, came as a complete surprise. Though she had previously been nominated for "The Color Purple," it was her supporting role alongside Patrick Swayze in "Ghost" that earned her a statue in 1991.

Goldberg has fond memories of working with the late Swayze, who she says helped her get the audition. "It was great fun and Patrick always wanted to be funny," Goldberg says in the above clip from her "Oprah's Masterclass" interview. "And he was funny and silly and we got along, and it went really well."

When all the fun and games led to an Oscar nod, Goldberg was shocked. "Because you don't think -- when you're doing it, you don't think -- 'This is Academy material,'" she says modestly. "You just think, 'Well, this is really fun.'"

The night of the Academy Awards, Goldberg recalls the moments just before actor Denzel Washington announced the best supporting actress winner. "I'm there in my little dress, I’m looking pretty good, and Denzel gets up and I’m looking around, looking around smiling," she says.

Suddenly, Goldberg felt a nudge. "It’s my daughter going, 'He just said your name. Go get the Oscar. Get up!' I was like, 'Huh?' … And I’m, 'Oh my God,' and right there and I was like, "Oh, this is really cool."

Goldberg managed to collect herself and showed gratitude for her co-star in her acceptance speech. "And then I thanked Patrick because without Patrick Swayze I would not have gotten the job, and the casting lady who cast "Ghost." Without the two of them, it never would have happened," she says.

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