The Sad Realization Whoopi Goldberg Had After Her Mother Died (VIDEO)

When Whoopi Goldberg's mother passed away from a stroke in 2010, Whoopi says she lost one of the greatest people she had ever known. On her upcoming "Oprah's Master Class" episode, "The View" co-host opens up a painful revelation she had after her mother's death.

"There were no sad goodbyes, but for one thing," Whoopi says in the above video. "I realized a couple of days after she passed that no one would ever love me like that again. I wouldn’t put that kind of sparkle in anybody’s eye, you know? And you kind of know that person, those are your first loves. Those are the first people you tell your secrets to. Those are the people who hold you when it’s scary. That’s a big deal. So that, that I felt."

"But then I thought, this would really piss her off for sure, if I said that," Whoopi laughs. "She’d be like, 'Really? Really? How many times have you been married? You don’t think you’ve put a sparkle in people’s eye? Get out of here.'"

"So, I got over myself," Whoopi says.

In the video below, OWN Executive Producers Jon Sinclair and Corny Koehl join HuffPost Live to talk more about Whoopi's appearance on "Master Class."

"Oprah's Master Class" with Whoopi Goldberg airs Sunday, June 1 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.



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