Whoopi Goldberg's Gas Freaks Barbara Walters Out (VIDEO)

WATCH: Whoopi Farts, Barbara Freaks

Whoopi Goldberg's enthusiastic passing of gas proved too much for her fellow "View" co-hosts on Thursday.

It all started when Dr. Oz, who was a guest on the show, started talking about farting.

"How many of you have passed gas already since you've been out here?" he asked.

Whoopi unashamedly raised her hands skyward. "Because there is more room out than in," she said. As Barbara Walters started talking, Whoopi interrupted her.

"Wait a minute!" she said. "Yup." As the smell seemingly wafted towards her co-hosts, they reacted quickly.

"Whoopi, damn!" Sherri Shepherd said, as Barbara scurried into Oz's arms to flee the smell. Eventually Sherri, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck all clustered together as far away from Whoopi's gas as possible.


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