Who's Grooming Who: Makeup and the Modern Male

A recent article in thereported that men's grooming products had reached sales of $5.6 billion in 2009, up from $3.8 billion in 2004. That's a lot of nasal hair removers.
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How does the modern-day peacock navigate our post-metrosexual age? If the men's collections are any indication, with a full face of makeup. Painted faces turned up at shows including Thom Browne (glitzy gold lips), Yohji Yamamato (Casper-inspired ghostly visages) and Dior Homme (dewy pink pouts). Catwalk theatrics aside, it's clear that men have moved way beyond just borrowing their girlfriend's moisturizer. A recent article in the New York Times reported that men's grooming products had reached sales of $5.6 billion in 2009, up from $3.8 billion in 2004. That's a lot of nasal hair removers.

As a man who works in cosmetics, it should come as little surprise that I have my go-to products. After cleansing and shaving, I use a skin serum, a primer and occasionally a bronzer. I use my Camera Finish powder to stay matte and even a lick of clear mascara on the lashes. A little dab of concealer under the eyes can take years off, so why wouldn't you? The aim is to look healthy, energized and youthful, and, unlike the runway boys, not like you're actually wearing makeup. Little fixes such as these -- not to mention tweezing unruly brows -- can even give men a professional edge. Here are some more grooming tips.

The Shining: A great horror movie and a horrible situation for many men with overactive sebaceous glands. A face that suggests you've been jogging in Central Park is not the right look for clinching the deal. Fortunately, it's easy to stem this flow of oil, and there are lots of mattifying serums on the market. To eliminate shine, I use my Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer & Mattifer in the morning.

Camouflage: Dark under-eye circles and discoloration isn't just a problem for the ladies. Never fear: A little bit of concealer goes a long way. Just find a shade that matches your skin tone. With your pinky -- or digitus minimus to use the more masculine Latin term -- tap product directly under the eye. Smooth the edges with a Q-tip. To conceal a blemish, use a concealer with salicylic acid to also treat the skin.

Bronze Adonis: It's not as widely discussed as it is for women, but men should also be wearing SPF moisturizers. After all, skin cancer doesn't discriminate. To fake a healthy glow, try a hint of matte bronzer in powder or liquid form. There are also aerosol bronzers that are a breeze to apply.

Guy Liner: Think more Russell Brand than Adam Lambert. For those that want to rock eyeliner, work a soft black pencil on the entire length of the inner rim of the eyes. Scribble pencil onto the upper and lower lash lines, and blink to transfer the color. Smudge with your fingers to ensure a raw finish.