Whose New Year's Resolutions Are You REALLY Making?

So you woke up this morning and glanced down at your newsfeed. A dozen posts come up instantly. Reminding you to set New Year's resolutions.

And you think back to last year. All the things you said you would do, but didn't. In fact. You can't even remember the last time you actually stuck to a New Year's resolution.

With the best of intentions, you decide that this is the year you're going to actually set and achieve those goals.

But ten minutes later you see some anti-resolution post about how they never work. And explains that you should just live your current life instead.

Now as you can tell, I'm not here to tell you the magical answer of whether New Year's resolutions really work.

But I will ask you this simple question...

Whose resolutions are you ACTUALLY making?

When you remember the weight loss goals, the get fit goals, the drink more water goals, the spend more time with your family goals, the make more money goals and the just generally transform your life goals...

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

Why do you even want these things. What is the motivation behind the diet? The budget? The schedule? The plan?

What are you actually searching for?

The experience you think that you will have when you finally achieve them.

Of being more yourself. Of being more alive. Of being more fulfilled.

So before you define your resolutions or discard them completely, I have an invitation for you.

Instead of focusing on you want to DO in 2016...

Take a deep breath and ask yourself...who do you want to BE.

Who is this person you believe that you will become if you complete the marathon, finally organize your house, lose the 30 lbs, join the gym, make 6 figures, etc.

Who is it that you are actually want to become?

Forget about the goals for a moment and visualize yourself 12 months from now.

What makes you so different? What does your life look like? Why are you proud of yourself?

Got it in your mind? Good.

Now, go BE THAT PERSON instead. Right now. This week. This month. This moment.

Dress the way she would dress. Speak the way she would speak. Live the way she would live.

Don't wait for a New Year's resolution to transform your life. And equally, resist the urge to keep living the same drab day over and over again.

Choose a different path. The one you've always imagined, now.

If you dream of becoming a painter. Paint.

If you dream of becoming a dancer. Dance.

If you dream of wearing a sexy red dress. Wear it.

If you dream of having the confidence to ask for what you want. Ask.

I'm not saying that this will be easy. Otherwise, you wouldn't be where you are.

But at this exact moment, people all over the world are writing down someone else's goals. Something they want because of somebody else. To make them into someone they never wanted to be. 

To lose weight so that they can be liked. To make money so they can be loved. To drink more water so they can be beautiful.

And if you are reading these words now, things are going to be different for you.

Because instead of waiting to succeed...you are ready to become.

Be her. The woman you've always dreamed of being.

Strong. Confident. Passionate. Vulnerable. Creative. Compassionate. Expansive. Loving. Adventurous. Real.

Let the hidden dream in your heart be liberated so you can change the world today. Not someday. 

I'll be with you along the way.

Amber xo