Who's Scarier: Heath Ledger's Joker or Glenn Beck?

2010-03-18-beckjokerfear.jpgGlenn Beck is Heath Ledger's Joker. I'm serious: same intonation, same delivery. It's terrifying because the guy actually exists in real life, and has millions of followers. Listen to the clips below and make your own comparison.

Americans are freaking out, as they should be, as their society and economy crumbles down around them. If you don't know that's what's happening, then you're not paying attention. Glenn Beck is one of the few prominent voices who's connecting full-on with that very appropriate anxiety.

But he's using a classic, uncreative stunt to do it: demonizing a false enemy --- in this case "communists," a category that includes for Beck everyone from Woodrow Wilson to Obama to Wallis and even to little old me.

But over the past few months he's gone beyond political attack to almost sexualized sadism ("pounding" the Reverend Jim Wallis "all night long"???). He has been taunting and threatening his targets in breathless whispers and hysterical screams, separated with dramatic pauses and prolonged evil villain cackles. Listen for yourself.


Beck--"Hammer" Jim Wallis "all night long"??: