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Who's the Real You?

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Who's the Real You?

Are you a weak person? Are you a thoughtless person?

Or.... are you a strong, intelligent, caring individual who occasionally does thoughtless or weak things?

There's a big difference between the two. How your psyche sorts them out is a reflection of how much your inner demons control your life.

Mind you, what happens in a typical day is not entirely dependent on your attitude or approach. There are outside circumstances - "forces", real or imagined, that take precedence over you inner workings. However, if you're not pumped-up and ready to make it happen, your chances for success are slim to none.

A negative headset can ruin your whole day! And happily, a positive bent is tremendously empowering and encourages you to keep on keeping on!
So, how do we point ourselves in the right direction?

Fortunately, we can change the way we see ourselves - deep down, where it counts. On the downer side - allowing ourselves to believe our old negative assessments of who we really are, can and will take a slice out of your self esteem - and that's the very core of what makes you who you are.
So, what's the big deal?

Your own negativity will seriously affect your courage to address any future situations you face that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable to you.

What if your self talk and self analysis goes like this.....
• "Oh, don't even go there! You'll only screw it up! Remember what happened last time? It ended with a gut-wrenching feeling that took days to calm down."

• You know you suck at that kind of thing. Just give it up.
Then you're defeated before you even take a shot at it.

On the other hand, if you really believe you're a basically good human being, with sincere motives, perhaps others can benefit from your ideas. You have a chance to positively affect others' lives, if you think.....
• "Oh, give it a shot! What's the worst that can happen? If I don't even try, I could miss a really cool opportunity to make a difference for someone who could use a boost. How pathetic would that be?"
• "Here's one more shot at inner fulfillment for me. I'm taking it!

Bottom line - as far as we know, we only go this way once, folks.
Going forth with full vigor and passion - giving it all we've got, fearlessly and wholeheartedly, is our best chance to live a fully enriched, fully engaged life.

The alternative - a life full of second guessing, what ifs, paranoia and other self effacing "proclamations", which will surely rob you of some real fun and excitement that could well lead to positive and reinforcing results!

So this is it! Grab every chance you get to be your own best friend! Take some risks and believe you're up for many of the challenges that help you stretch your potential and keep on growing!

But wait .....
What do you do about those tenacious Demons I mentioned earlier - those inner soul destroyers, whose incessant warnings and putdowns keep holding you back?

Come back next time and we'll tackle that thorny monster!
Here's to it!

My best to you....