Who's To Blame For The Current Climate of American Politics?

The current state of affairs in the United States has been the subject of much finger pointing. With pointed fingers come: blame. We blame the other party, the inaction of the senate, the constitution, corruption, and everything in between.

Blaming becomes a toxic rationalization of who's responsible when something bad happens. We all want to discharge this discomfort and pain we're feeling in North America. We're busier blaming other people for voting in Donald Trump than we are taking the time to push for change. We're far too interested in highlighting fault for 15 second intervals on social media.

The truth is, when things happen to us, we're to blame. We don't want to accept principles contrary to the way we organize our lives. The truth is blame defers control. If we continue to blame one another and administer fault, this corrosive presidential election will continue uninhibited.

Let's not miss our opportunity for change, let's start listening to one another, and let's start taking accountability for the results of the upcoming election.

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