Who's Your Hero?

Let's face it, most of us in the world wait for someone to come into our lives, rescue us, and live a happily ever after fairy tale.  This particular fairy-tale has been told to little girls from the beginning of time in all parts of the world.  Then there's another fairy tale which we create ourselves in adulthood such as waiting for the "right time" or leaving everything up to our "destiny" in order for anything great to happen to us which will change our world, how we feel, and how we live.  Now let's come back to something so raw and pure that when it's shoved into our faces, we are taken aback for a few seconds or even minutes before everything processes inwards.  That something which hits us so hard is called REALITY. In reality, we become aware that the idea of a "prince charming", a "fairy God-mother",  the "right time", or "leaving everything to our destiny" are complete BS.  We begin to realize sooner or later that nobody in this world can save us, rescue us, make us happy, or fully content in life, but ourselves! We can't sit around and wait for someone or something to happen to us or to leave it up to our destiny- WE have to become our own hero.  That is simply the truth. The guidelines to becoming your own hero are very simple and doable, yet require a strong will and desire. So if you're ready to change your life and most importantly find the best version of yourself, your own hero that is, let's get started. 

Becoming Your Own Hero Guideline

BECOME SELF-AWARE You must realize that you are only guaranteed to have no one but yourself in your life. You and only you can either make yourself or break yourself. Accept that you and only you have the power over yourself and your life. 


Once, the self realization process kicks in, it's time to regain your power that you either willingly or unwillingly gave away to somebody or something else. From now on wards, feel the liberating feeling of having complete control over yourself and your life.  You must feel it to see it happening.  First thing is first, cut out all the external forces and factors which you have given control to in the past.  This is crucial.  You must do it because remember, you are the guardian of your own life.  Nobody else has that authority. 


After cutting out all the external forces and factors which you had given control to, realize that YOU had given them that power.  It was your own choice to do so.  From hence forth, make it clear in your mind that you are responsible for everything which has (will) happened in your life in the past, present, and the future. 


Committing to yourself is the biggest and the best commitment you can make! Commit to yourself selflessly and selfishly both!  You are worth it. Believe me.  Write it down in a journal and sign it. It’s a life long contract.


Commitment to yourself requires self care.  Think about the things which make you feel good and do them more often.  Always speak positively to yourself.  Eat good foods which nourish your body.  Surround yourself among people who are your number one supporters and remove those whom are toxic, even if they are family.  Create a wonderful morning routine with meditation, gratitude, exercise, and anything else which connects your being to the universe, uplifts and charges your spirit for the day ahead. Always start your day with a morning routine.  Don't skip it because this is key to becoming your own hero.  Self-care is everything!


In solitude, you will find answers.  Who are you? What do you want to do in life? Why? What makes you content and at peace? What do you feel is your purpose here in the world? Open your eyes and ears to everything around you. Breathe. Listen. Meditate or sit in silence for a few minutes each morning and you will find answers.


Walk your passions for they are what will give you the most fulfillment. What you are passionate about is KEY towards making all your dreams come true.  For in your passions lies your dreams, desires, and purpose.  They are the key to unlocking your full potential and becoming your own hero.  You must take a leap of faith in the universe and more in yourself to work with what you have to do what you want. You actually have already taken the biggest crucial steps (from 'becoming self-aware"-"finding your own truth") and now it's time to build a solid foundation from all the work you put into yourself thus far. To build anything magnificent takes time. So remember in the process that every step and attempt counts!  Baby steps are steps.  Don't get discouraged so fast.   Use the power you have regained to create the life you have always wanted to live. Reclaiming your power is everything.  Remember, you were always your own hero! You just needed a little guidance and reminder!

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