Whose Business Are You In?


Byron Katie -- the brilliant American speaker, author and founder of the method of self-inquiry called "The Work", says this about business:

I can only find three kinds of business in the world -- mine, yours and God's.
Whose business are you in?

A great question! Here's what it means:

- If there's a hurricane, that's the business of the universe, reality, God.

- If your neighbors like to play music, that's their business.

- If they play it too loud and you can't sleep, that's your business.

Sometimes we're in other people's business offering uninvited advice to their face, as well as behind their backs.

When you're not in your business recognize it and see how your words about others can help you be a better person.

Attend to your own business

Whether you work for yourself or not, one essential thing to practice is how to mind your own business.

- Mind how you build, connect and move forward

- Mind how you treat and speak about people

- Mind if a business opportunity is good for you

- Mind your advertising, PR, branding and expansion

If you work from a place of fear -- worried about what will happen and what people think, you're sunk.

Either you step into the spot light and sing out or you sit back in the shadows complaining.

How does this sound?

- 'I'm so happy you want to work with me exclusively but I'm afraid to do that...
some people might not like it.'

- 'Thanks for asking Saba Island Properties to advertise with you but, I can't.
What will the competition think?'

- 'Had I known my success would cause such a ruckus I never would have opened.
Please forgive me...I'll just be mediocre.'

Sounds crazy, right? But -- people do think like this because fear and worry are running them.

No one takes things away from you

You don't lose clients if you work hard and care. Yes. Someone else may have something different to offer but that should always rev up your massive creativity and energy to improve and bid for a client's business, stimulate them into thinking only about working with YOU!

'They stole my clients.' That's an asinine excuse to wallow in because it makes the client look stupid -- like they can easily be fooled and manipulated. And, you're not taking responsibility for yourself at all.

People are smart! They work with you and buy from you only when they're ready and trust you.

It's our job as business owners to take care of the client and never to get tired of serving them. But -- you have to do the work -- you have to mean it -- you have to love it. You have to be active, genuine, warm, smart, kind, honest and go beyond their expectations. If they leave you it's for a good reason and you'd better find out why.

What's your reputation worth?

If you lose a client be courageous and ask questions so you can be different in your approach:

• What changed between us?
• Why did you cancel the contract?
• What does the other company have that I don't?
• What mistakes did I make?
• How can I earn your trust again?

Have the tough conversation. Your reputation is at stake.

Just because you run a company or work with someone for years doesn't guarantee you business. You may be a great poker player, the best on the circuit, but...that doesn't mean you deserve to win without playing the game and playing it fair and square.

You know the truth

We all judge ourselves. You know in your own heart if you're doing a good job or not.
You know if you're ethical. You know the truth.

Sometimes things don't work out as you planed but that's a gift! It's a vital learning experience. A time to reconsider, to make new and better choices, to start again and turn things around.

Feeling sorry for yourself, misplaced anger and unjust talk is the lazy slug way to lead. It's a waste of time and energy. All that garbage will ruin your business. It leaves you and your business cold and people will stay away.

Don't wander out of your business. Be an ethical laser beam at your work.

Be alluring and unavoidable. Create an image, a name, an ambiance of excellence and enjoyment that draws people right to you and has them feel -

"Ahhhhh! Finally! I have someone I trust. Someone reliable and good whom I love working with."

Apply these 4 points from sun up to sunset

1. How satisfying and positive will your work be if you actively stick to your own business 100 percent?

2. What would hard, honest and steady work, on behalf of your business, look and feel like daily?

3. How can you turn negative thoughts and energies into positive purpose and good results?

4. What effect will it have on you and your staff if you promote and attend to just your business?

As a Life & Career Coach, I'm centered in other people's business daily and, for the right reasons -- learning and assisting people to live the lives they most desire. It doesn't hurt me. It's productive, healthy, positive, invigorating and so satisfying.

This post isn't about stopping gossip or negative concern about what others are doing and how to beat them out.

- This post is to remind you of the quality of your work and the reasons why you run a business.

- To help you renew your purpose in life and your business.

- To think about your core values.

- To refresh and reignite the big, open purpose within your job and wipe out any and all ugly, unproductive, cheap and low down behavior.

This post is about your specific passions and love for your business.

This is what I'm passionate about:

Doing work I love -- Creating change -- Building and Producing and Thriving by
minding my own business.

So -- How about you?

Whose business are you in?