'Whose Line Is It Anyway' Star Opens Up About Transgender Daughter

"Your child is your child, that is forever."

Comedian and actor Colin Mochrie, best known for his years on hit improv show “Whose Line Is It Anyways,” utilized Twitter last week to open up about his transgender daughter and her family’s acceptance of her gender identity.

The actor tweeted on Jan. 16 that he has trouble understanding why, from what he’s observed, some people of younger generations can’t be accepting of trans identity when his elderly parents have openly embraced his daughter.

Mochrie told The Huffington Post that he chose to speak publicly about his daughter’s trans identity because he felt a lot of negative energy online in the build-up to President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“There had been a negative vibe on Twitter, with the upcoming inauguration, so I thought a positive tweet about acceptance and inclusion might be nice,” he said. “To tell you the truth I didn’t think it all the way through. All of our friends, of course, know about Kinley and we regularly posted on Facebook about her. I had forgotten that outside of our circle, people didn’t know.”

He also has a powerful message about loving children, regardless of gender identity.

“My daughter is exactly the same person as she has always been,” he continued. “Bright, funny, sympathetic to others, curious and  caring. The only difference is that she is happier and more confident as a person. Your child is your child, that is forever.”

Thanks for being such an amazing example of paternal support, Colin! 



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