Why a Man Loves a Woman


There's a zillion reasons why we love women. Here are the first few. Please share your reason or reasons why we love women in the comments section below so we can see just how many reasons there truly are. I will feature the best of them in the next week or so as a multi-part exploration on the topic.

So, without further adieu, here's why a man loves a woman:

She loves.

There never is a question when a woman loves you. She shows it in every way, every day, when she smiles at you, touches you, looks at you, hugs you, kisses you. She is the purest physical, emotional, spiritual manifestation of what love truly is. When a woman loves you, she envelopes you in her aura, and the feeling you get is intoxicating. She makes you feel so, so so good.

She's smarter.

They just are, fellas. We need to stop making claims of any intellectual superiority over our female brethren. We need to accept, as fact, that they are just stronger in the smarts department. They also have this incredible intuitive sense that seems to predict the future like some Oracle from Delphi. When you are in the presence of a stronger power, it's some times wise to just shut down your engines and succumb to it, just like Han Solo in "Star Wars" did when his Millennium Falcon got pulled into the powerful tractor beam of the Death Star.

If you are still in doubt about her brainy prowess, here's what Psychology Today had to say about her over us men:

"There are noticeable differences, particularly in language. Girls acquire language earlier than boys and remain more fluent throughout life; Girls develop larger vocabularies, use more complex linguistic constructions, enunciate and read better. Boys are less communicative and use language instrumentally (to get what they want); Brain localization of language is more bilateral for females than males (MRI and lesion studies). Males suffer from bilingual development (e.g. memory deficit) while females seem unimpaired."

She's smells so damn good.

She smells like the greatest bouquet of roses, honeysuckle, lavender, ever. When she walks by you, you're head naturally turns to follow her, even if you're blind, because you just caught a whiff of her glorious magical pheromone potion Her pheromones drive us guys absolutely bat shit crazy. Literally. Just ask Dr. David Berliner, an expert in the field of chemical signaling and CEO of Pherin Pharmaceuticals, who told ABC News that "women can communicate chemically with men... This is a very important finding because it shows specific areas of the brain that are activated by these chemicals." She literally turns on our brain's hypothalamus, which is not activated by any other scent in nature. Yes, she smells that damn good.

She's sexy.

A woman exudes beauty, and passion, from every pore of her being. Her sexual powers are mythical. In Greek mythology, the Trojan War started when Paris of Troy stole Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. It's no surprise, then, that the swimsuit edition is the largest selling issue of Sports Illustrated, or that "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" perennially is the top rated show every year it airs in its time slot. She knows how to get our undivided attention, each and every day, with not only what she wears (or doesn't wear), but just as powerfully, with the way she carries herself -- the way she walks, the way she plays with her hair, the way she looks at you before she possesses you with her devilish grin. She's pure Kryptonite.

She's passionate.

With many women, it's not about the Big O. No, for many it's about the multi OOOs, and folks, we are not talking about Cheerios here. There actually is a world record when it comes to the OOOs, and it's held by a Danish woman who reportedly had 222 of 'em. This little known factoid has completely changed my understanding of what "Room 222" really was all about.

In one study of college co-eds, 43 percent of women surveyed said that they've enjoyed multi-orgasms. So, suffice it to say, it's very prevalent. Perhaps the hottest thing in the universe (other than the epicenter of an exploding star) is a woman, in bed, who is flying away on her magic carpet ride. When her toes curl, she bites hard on her lips as she squeezes the sheets with everything she's got, arching her back to the heavens, who convulses more violently than Regan did in the "Exorcist," this truly is a Mount Everest Moment Of Love for us guys.

She's soft.

One of the greatest mysteries in nature is how women have such soft skin. When a woman lets you touch her arms, her back, her stomach, or God willing her legs, it's an out of body experience. We are blown away by how smooth, supple, and tender she is. We could never have skin like that, but dang if we don't worship it.

But her skin is just first base when it comes to feminine softness. Second, third and home bases are all about her amazing curves. Guys don't have enough time in the day to stop thinking about her breasts, her hips, and her derriere. We can't stop. It's one of our favorite topics of internal dialogue that takes place inside our feeble little brains (see "she's smarter" above). Nobody does soft better than a woman. Nobody.

She cares.

Who shows more care and compassion to us guys than a woman? I don't know anyone. She nods and listens as we go on and on about all of our foibles, follies, and failings, and the amazing thing is that she still has this amazing ability to make us feel better about ourselves, despite ourselves.

She gives us her undivided attention when we talk to her. Why she does that, who the hell knows. Thank her, each and every day if you can, for putting up with your sorry ass. How would you feel if you were the one who had to rub up against a sandpaper face every day of your life? There you go.

Go light a candle and give thanks to the gods she is there for you. Be eternally grateful Mr. Sand Man. She could stop caring if you don't. And that would so suck, wouldn't it?

Let's take this column out with Percy Sledge's brilliant singing of these immortal words in When A Man Loves A Woman:

"When a man loves a woman,
Can't keep his mind on nothin' else,
He'd change the world for the good thing he's found."