Why a Military Spouse Is Your Best Friend

Happy Military Spouse Month! Not many know that the month May focuses on the wife or husband standing by their soldier. After all, we are a very, very small percentage in this country. However, if you ever get to know us, you will soon agree that we make a great friendship that you will never forget nor replace for the rest of your life.

We are there when you have a bad day.

We've been there. In fact, the military brings lots of bad days to us. Sometimes in groups! If you call to say the car broke down and your dog had diarrhea, we are there with a jack hammer, a mop and a large bottle of wine.

We have the need for adventure.

We are never used to putting our roots deep in the ground and every place we move is a new area to explore. We are like Bilbo Baggins running away from the Shire! We want to eat, shop and travel in this new location. Don't be surprised if we call you randomly at 4am to say "ever tried riding a llama?"

We are creative.

We are like Martha Stewart without the felony. With juggling bake sales at a new school, a promotion to attend, and the home goods haven't arrived yet, we are used to handling anything with very little. Having a party? We can help you throw the best celebration with nothing but 4 cases of beer, duct tape, and a crockpot.

We have a network.

Military spouses make so many friends in so many places that we almost have our own mafia. Need advice on filing your taxes? I have a guy for that. Moving to a new state? I have three friends who will take good care of you. Need to hide a body? I got a driver, a digger and someone who can get you to Mexico. You think I'm kidding?

Distance means nothing.

If we can handle our Soldier leaving for long periods of time for the rest of their career, we can certainly handle a long distance relationship. Just because we are no longer around the corner, it never means you are ever far from our hearts. Plus, if we move somewhere exotic, you have a free place to visit and possibly ride a llama!