Why All Women Should Stand With Megyn Kelly

Although I was a guest on "The O'Reilly Factor" back in October arguing with Bill O'Reilly about hungry children in America, I am not the average Fox News viewer. As such, I didn't know much about Megyn Kelly before seeing her moderate the Republican Debate back in August 2015. My impression of her at the time was that she was smart and tough. I was not surprised to hear that she was also a lawyer. Her questions were aggressive, but fair given the fact that people are running to be elected leader of the free world. I also did not have a problem with Donald Trump being aggressive in his debate responses. This is politics and not a sport for the faint of heart.

What I do object to is Donald Trump attempting to get Megyn Kelly removed as a moderator of the January 28th debate. I may not be a Fox News Republican, but I am a woman who supports other women. If we allow a man to interfere in a woman's livelihood because she is considered to be too aggressive or a bitch where does that leave the rest of us professional women striving to be at the top of our fields? Would he have asked for Megyn Kelly to be removed if her name had been Mike Kelly? Would he have retweeted alluring photos of a man and called him a bimbo? I doubt it.

In regards to those photos, I disagree with the critics that say that she shouldn't have posed for them. She looked great in the pictures and proved that a woman can be smart, accomplished, beautiful and sexy. What is wrong with that? Where does it end ladies? Will it be acceptable for a male coworker, who wants a promotion over you, to go to Facebook and find pictures of you on vacation in a bikini or drinking with friends and say you are a bimbo and shouldn't get the job?

You can say what you want about Megyn Kelly, but if you agree with Donald Trump's opinion about her, then he was intimidated by that bimbo at last week's debate because she was there and he wasn't. As the lights came up at last week's debate, and she looked into the camera, I image Megyn Kelly thought, "Who's the bitch now, Donald?"