Why Am I Really Wearing This Dress?

Gendered clothing is a huge facet of our society. It was only in the past hundred years that a woman wearing pants was considered socially acceptable, and it was instilled in me at an early age that men do not wear dresses and women do. These ideas stem from transmisogyny, homophobia, strict gender roles and really salty unfashionable people. If you ask anyone why things had to be this way, would they have a practical reason for it? Or would they make up some weird gender-normative shit about women giving birth or doing housework more easily in a dress? 

On an average summer day, I wear dresses because they are usually much easier to put on than pants. Regardless, the association of dresses with femininity is still a part of our culture. People will inevitably think of me as more feminine and gentle just based on this dress as opposed to sweaty and desiring air ventilation.

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